Creedence Clearwater Revival for the Win: How CSA Can Help You Stay in the Game

By Katie Bodiford
CSA Executive Vice President

I’m a sucker for a good sports movie. Whether it’s Remember the Titans, We are Marshall or any other movie that pairs a solid ‘70s soundtrack with a group of players overcoming the odds to win, I’m a fan. Heck, I can catch the last two minutes of the film Rudy and be blubbering like a baby even though I’ve seen the thing 50 times.

There’s just something about a group of people working together to achieve a goal – even under seemingly impossible circumstances – that gets me pumped up. And a little good music in the background doesn’t hurt either.

So, when it came time to plan our topics for this year’s annual conference, the theme of teamwork and people kept floating to the surface. For many CSA members, the people part has been one of the biggest challenges in running an independent business. In the face of industry consolidation and less-than-stellar employee pools to draw from, it may seem impossible to assemble a team that can win today and succeed in the long run.

If this has been your experience, this year’s conference is going to be right up your alley. We’ve assembled our own team of experts to help you devise a game plan that keeps your players on your roster instead of someone else’s – which is a key component in today’s competitive market. And, as with any company, resolving conflict, building a true “team” mentality and motivating your “players” are all essential management skills you need to make it to the end of regulation play intact.

This year’s keynote, Lisa Ryan of Grategy, Inc., will share an effective plan to motivate employees helping them to grow without changing teams. Dawn Stastny, our HR consultant from the Stellaris Group, will explain the “5 Dysfunctions” model that will help you to improve the overall health of your team. Then we’ll switch gears a little and talk about numbers and data.

Sounds like time to hit the refreshment stand, right? Think again. Dr. Sherrill Hayes and Dr. Gene Ray have a passion for helping companies use the data they don’t often consider. Whether it’s inventory tracking, fleet management or even customer information, let these self-professed “number nerds” teach you how to put specific data to work!

So, we’ve talked a lot about learning, but of course we’ve added some fun to the playbook as well! If fishing is your game, you will not want to miss Wednesday morning with Captain Charlie and his crew in the beautiful inshore marshes of Louisiana.

We’ll officially kick-off the meeting Wednesday evening in the International ballroom overlooking downtown New Orleans with knock-your-socks-off food (it is New Orleans, after all) and some fun entertainment.

We’ll also be closing out the meeting Friday morning in a memorable way with acclaimed comedian-magician-soccer star Devin Henderson. Never mind that the session will also feature a ton of door prizes. You’ll be talking about this guy for a while!

Ready to get in the game and sign up? Brochures have been mailed out and online registration is now open at our website! The deadline for hotel room discounts is Aug. 20, so follow the link online and secure your room today.

We look forward to seeing you in the Big Easy this September. You can be certain there will be a ‘70s hit or two playing in the background so you know this event is guaranteed to be a winner!