CSA Launching Users Groups for BisTrack and Spruce

By Jim Moody, CAE
CSA President

I mentioned in the last issue of Framework (and I KNOW you read every word) that we were beginning a technology initiative in 2017. Part of the initiative is to convene users groups for some of the newer POS platforms. Specifically, we are ready to announce details for our BisTrack and Spruce users groups.

Please note: We  are not endorsing these products or even intending to convey that these products are better than anything else. We simply have enough dealers on these platforms to give us critical mass for a users group. If we see demand for a group on a different platform, we will start a users group for them as well.

We actually ran a pilot test for BisTrack last year with a lot of success. We also learned a couple of things to make the programs better.

Both of these groups will run the same way. We’ll offer an optional Dutch-treat group dinner on the evening before the group meets. The meeting itself will run 8 a.m.-4 p.m., which hopefully will make the most of attendees’ time while allowing them to travel home that evening. A quick lunch will be included.

Chris Rader will be facilitating both groups. We don’t know of anyone in our industry with the depth and breadth on technology that Chris possesses. He owns a company that provides technology consulting and hosting services for our industry. His experience gives him a unique knowledge and perspective to lead these groups.

While the facilitator is important to the success of the groups, we all recognize that the knowledge shared by others using the system will also be critically important. Chris will certainly bring knowledge into the group, but we’ve asked him to facilitate rather than teach, and that’s a big distinction. Seeing how other people tackle the same issues you are facing to get the most out of the software will be a big part of the meetings.

Here are the details:


  • BisTrack March 8 (optional dinner on the 7th)
  • Spruce March 9 (optional dinner on the 8th)


  • The initial meetings will be near the CSA office, in Peachtree City, Ga. This location is fairly centrally located for many of our members. For those from further afield, the proximity to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport makes it convenient. After these initial meetings, we may look at the composition of the groups and make a decision that another location is more central to the group.

$249 per person


  • Anyone in a company using either BisTrack or the newer version of Spruce and who has a leadership role in technology. We are not going to limit attendees from a company, but we do ask you to consider that this is not a training session and is not appropriate for people who simply use the system. There is a point where the size of the group becomes unwieldy. We also know that the more companies represented, the more beneficial it will be for everyone, so we want to ensure that there is space for as many companies as possible. Please note that unlike our regular roundtables, we are not blocking competitors from participating.

How Do I Register?
So glad you asked. Here are the links for online registration: