CSA publishes Framework, an e-newsletter, twice a month.  Framework features membership news, industry news, and a variety of topics applicable to all business owners.  CSA members can contribute articles and press releases to this publication.  

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August 5, 2020  "Universal Truths I've Discovered in Member Visits" (by Jim Moody)

Framework Newsletters (by date of publication)
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July 23, 2020  "Annual Conference Update: We're Going Virtual" (by Jim Moody)

June 24, 2020
  "It's Time to Think About Health Insurance Again" (by Jim Moody)

June 10, 2020  "Bicycle or Tree? It's All About Perspective" (by Katie Bodiford)

May 20, 2020
  "What I Did During My Quarantine." (by Jim Moody)

May 6, 2020 
  "The Difference Between Theory and Fact is Critical." (by Terri Tucker)

April 22, 2020
  "The Challenge of Inspiring Employees and Cutting Payroll at the Same Time." (by Jim Moody)

April 8
, 2020
"Alphabet Soup: Deciphering the Acronyms of Federal Assistance Programs." (by Katie Bodiford)

March 25, 2020
"Lessons for Today from the 'Stockdale Paradox' (by Jim Moody)

March 11, 2020   "We're All a Little Nervous about COVID-19; Here's Information from the CDC" (by Jim Moody)

February 12, 2020  "Train Now to Build Stronger Teams and Bigger Profits" (by Katie Bodiford)

January 22, 2020  "We're Under Attack, but You Can Protect Your Business" (by Jim Moody)

January 8, 2020  "My Best Advice to Family Businesses" (by Jim Moody)


December 11, 2019  "Make the Most of the Rest of the Year" (by Jim Moody)

November 27, 2019  "Things for Which I Am Grateful" (by Jim Moody)

November 13, 2019  "What Do You Need from CSA in 2020?" (by Jim Moody)

October 23, 2019  "You Can't Clean Dirty Water at the Mouth of the River" (by Rick Davis, CSP, CDT, Building Leaders, Inc.)

October 9, 2019  "Project Selling: Expanding the Scope of the Sale for Bigger Profits" (by Katie Bodiford)

September 25, 2019  "Pickpocket or Magician? The Choice is Up to You" (by Katie Bodiford)

September 11, 2019  "Weapons & Workplace-Violence Policies Are Must-Haves for Everyone's Safety" (by Dawn Stastny, Stellaris Group)

August 28, 2019  "CSA Launches Association Health Plan to Address Member Health Coverage Needs" 

August 14, 2019  "End of Summer Bits and Pieces" (by Jim Moody)

July 24, 2019  "Employers: Beware of FCRA-Based Class Action Lawsuits" (by Dawn Stastny, Stellaris Group)

July 10, 2019  "Why Creating a Good Corporate Culture Really Matters" (by Dawn Stastny, Stellaris Group)

June 26, 2019  "Creedence Clearwater Revival for the Win: How CSA Can Help You Stay in the Game" (by Katie Bodiford)

June 12, 2019  "Fix Collections Now or Be Prepared to Repeat the Past (and the Past Isn't Pretty)" (by Jim Moody)

May 22, 2019  "What Else Do You Want to Know, My Sweet Angel?" (by Jim Moody)

May 8, 2019  "Making Changes in How We Provide HR Services" (by Jim Moody)

April 24, 2019  "Bits and Pieces" (by Jim Moody)

April 10, 2019  "Lessons I Learned from a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year" (by Jim Moody)

March 27, 2019   "My Dream of Wearing a Safari Hat and Talking Into a Microphone is Finally Coming True" (by Katie Bodiford)

March 13, 2019    "Let's Give it One More Try" (by Jim Moody)

February 27, 2019   "Luxury Home That Floats, Adjusts to Rising Sea Levels, Withstands Storms" (by Jim Moody)

February 13, 2019   "CSA Offers Three Program to Improve Your Business" (by Jim Moody)

January 23, 2019   "CSA Brings You a 2019 Forecast" (by Yeva Clark)

January 9, 2019    "Time for a Fresh Start" (by Jim Moody)