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February 28, 2018

Your People Ought to be Your Competitive Advantage. Are They?

By Jim Moody, CAE
CSA President

Jim Moody

I ran across a couple of interesting articles in the trade press last week. The first was a piece in H+BSD about Lowe’s launching a workforce-development program. Seems that Lowe’s is worried about the labor shortage that's affecting our industry and the construction trades.

In a new program, Lowe's will offer tuition to its employees for trade skill certification, as well as academic coaching and placement opportunities for full-time, pre-apprenticeship programs in its contractor network. Lowe's will also welcome employees who want to stay with the company after completing their certifications, giving the company a more skilled staff.

The second article was even more interesting to me. In a commentary piece in the ProSales online edition, LBM recruiter Tony Misura contended that Peter Alexander, CEO of BMC, was canned because of a philosophical difference in strategy centering on supporting quality people.


Nuts & Bolts of LBM Sales Coming to Georgia Dealers in March

Nuts & Bolts of LBM Sales Promo

Join Us for Georgia Motor Carrier Outreach Tomorrow

Victor ShellBy Victor Shell
CSA Director of Safety & Transportation

Just a quick reminder that all CSA members in Georgia are invited to join me and many others for a truck safety inspection and driver outreach in Bryan County on Thursday, March 1, 2018.

We will meet the Inspection teams at 9 a.m. at the Georgia scales near Pembroke (I-16 eastbound, at MM #144) to begin the morning activities. If you have questions about vehicle safety, ELDs or how to prepare your vehicles for roadside inspections, the experts will be here to help you.

If you have questions, contact me at [email protected] or 678-674-1860.

2018 Georgia Legislative Session -- Update 3

By Katie Base Roberts
Director of Governmental Affairs
Fiveash Stanley, Inc.

katie roberts

Today is Crossover Day – the last day for Senate bills to pass the Senate and House bills to pass the House if they are to have a chance at moving forward as a standalone measure.

As a result, the past two weeks have been exceptionally busy week as committee meetings overlap in an effort to move bills into a position to be considered before the deadline.  Legislation that does not crossover is technically dead, but contents of entire bills are often added to other related legislation to keep issues alive.

Committees are the workhorses of the legislative process.  The committee of jurisdiction debates and amends bills, sending them to the Rules Committee, which determines which bills are placed on the floor for debate by the entire Chamber.  Many bills pass from the original committee only to die in the Rules Committee.

Here's a recap of the issues we're watching: 


The Founder of Panera Bread: 'I Wish I'd Fired More People'

By Ron Shaich, Founder of Panera Bread
Magazine Contributor, Entrepreneur

I was the CEO of a public company for more than 26 years -- that's longer than Cal Ripken, Jr., played baseball. And I wasn't the only one who stuck around Panera for a long time.

Many of my colleagues did, too. In one case, a senior executive grew up with me there for more than 20 years. His job eventually outgrew him, and he totally checked out. He knew it, too, but he couldn't bring himself to tell me. He just kept showing up to work. I pushed him and waited for him to step up. For years. But I didn't fire him.

Looking back, I understand why: I was too obsessed with being a caring leader. What I should have done was let him go sooner, and many others like him.


We Don't Have a Successor and I Want to Retire. What Now?

Dear Family Business Consulting Group:

I'm a second-generation owner of my family business. I have two college-age children who don't seem to be interested in taking it over. I'd like to retire soon, and I don't want to see the business go out of the family, but I also don't want to work forever in the hope that one of them will come around. Any suggestions?

Answer: This is a classic family business scenario bounded by assumptions and timing! Family businesses are typically ruled by assumptions. You and your children, as well as other family members and nonfamily employees, all have assumptions regarding the future of the business.

You assume your children are not interested in taking over the business, but have you asked them? Do you communicate your passion about the family business? Have you communicated your desire to keep the business in the family? At home, do you depict the family business as a positive, rewarding, and fulfilling experience? If you answered no to even one of these questions, then you have a great deal of work to do in accomplishing your goals.


CSA Contact Information Update

With the merger of CSA and the Oklahoma Lumbermen's Association, you might need to contact staff members at a new location. Here's where you'll find our staff.

CSA Corporate Headquarters
Address: 120 Handley Road, Suite 610, Tyrone, GA 30290
Phone: 678-674-1860

  • Jim Moody, President
  • Katie Bodiford, Director of Education & Membership
  • Yeva Ducas, Director of HR & Workforce Development
  • Victor Shell, Director of Safety & Transportation
  • Kristin White, Manager of Administrative Services

CSA Oklahoma Office
Address: 5421 SW 27th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73128
Phone: 405-602-5384

  • Karen Baker, Oklahoma Regional Director
  • Michael Snider, Manager of Safety & Transportation

Remember: You can always find CSA at

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