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March 27, 2019

My Dream of Wearing a Safari Hat and Talking Into a Microphone is Finally Coming True

Katie Bodiford PhotoBy Katie Bodiford
CSA Executive Vice President

For the past few weeks I’ve been trying to plan out a family road trip to Colorado this summer. I’ve poured over online maps, hotel reviews, “things to do” websites, as well as blogs and travel magazines, hoping to pull out some valuable tips on how to get the most out of this vacation.

Know what I realized? I’m pretty knowledgeable about travel, hotels and such, but when it comes to knowing exactly what to do and see while we’re there, I’m basically clueless. Without the guidance of a roadmap and suggested activities, we’d most likely be driving around with no idea about where to go.

If you think about it, membership in an organization can be much the same. Sure, I’ve paid my dues and I get a couple of newsletters each month. But, what else is available to me? Well, you’re in luck.

My name is Katie and I’ll be your tour guide to The Thrills and Spills of CSA Membership.  Okay, that may be a bit dramatic but we’ll go with it. After all, I'm the one with the hat and the microphone.


When Should I Terminate a Problem Employee?

Yeva Clark photoBy Yeva Clark, SHRM-CP
CSA Director of HR & Workforce Development

One question I am frequently asked is: “Should I terminate an employee who is ‘just not working out?’”

The answer is: “It depends.”

It depends on why the employee is not working out.

It’s possible that a good manager can help an employee improve his or her performance and get on the right track. It’s also possible the employee’s poor performance has gone past a simple fix, and it’s time to consider termination.


New HR Meeting: People Operations Forum Scheduled for May

Mark your calendar for a new HR meeting scheduled on May 16-17 in Atlanta at the Staybridge Suites Atlanta Airport. The People Operations Forum is designed for those employees involved in organizational improvement, employee engagement or any variety of HR-related functions within your business.

This event will be held twice-yearly, and, unlike our roundtable programs where more sensitive information might be discussed, these events are open to all companies.

Sample topics include:
  • Employer Branding (recruiting and retaining employees) led by Alex Putman, Trainer and HR Consultant
  • Risk Assessment led by Victor Shell, CSA Director of Safety & Transportation

Registration is now open! Click here to register!

If you have any questions about this program, contact Yeva Clark at (470) 512-1788 or email [email protected]


Celebrate Distracted Driver Awareness Month in April

Federated LogoUnless you are a computer, you can’t multitask. You might be able to quickly switch from task to task, but the idea that a person can effectively perform two or more actions simultaneously is just plain false. Whether it’s at home, at work, or on the road, you’re at your best when you concentrate on one activity.

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. While drivers should always keep their eyes — and minds — on the road, this month is a good time to remind yourself, and everyone in your life who drives a vehicle for personal or professional use, that when behind the wheel, the only things that matter are the road in front of you and the other vehicles around you.


2019 Georgia Legislative Session -- Update 4

By Katie Base Roberts
Director of Governmental Affairs
Fiveash Stanley, Inc.

katie roberts

This week’s schedule contains long days and long nights as legislators work to finish before the session ends.  The House and Senate were in session Monday and Tuesday and will resume on Thursday and Friday, ticking off four additional legislative days.  Today is reserved as a final day for committees to perfect bills in order for them to be considered before sine die on Tuesday, April 2.


Improving Customer Service -- More Isn't Always Better

By Shari Harley, Founder
Candid Culture

Many organizations think they’re improving customer service by training sales and customer representatives to make small talk — asking how a customer’s day, week, or trip is going. Asking questions and chatting with customers about personal matters is only good customer service if clients WANT to make small talk.

When room service delivers breakfast and the hotel guest is standing in a towel, he’s probably not interested in talking about whether his trip is for business or pleasure and whether or not he’ll have time for fun while he’s in town. Improving customer service will likely require the wait person to get in and out of his room quickly. When a taxi driver talks with you when you want to work, his desire to chat probably isn’t improving customer service.


How I Almost Got Hacked and How I Avoided It

By Beth Ziesenis
Your Nerdy Best Friend

This morning I was logging into Skype because I had a podcast interview, and Microsoft asked me to verify my identity. This is not unusual because I hadn’t used this computer or Skype in a while.

But when I verified my info, Microsoft alerted me to some suspicious activity. I figured they were just saying that it was weird that I was logging into the system from the Nashville area instead of San Diego, but NO! Someone had tried to login from Russia, France and Slovenia.


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