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April 11, 2018

The Iguana Witch and the Siren Song of Mediocrity: How to Hire Better

By Jim Moody, CAE
CSA President

Jim Moody

I once hired an assistant whom I now think of as the "Iguana Witch."

She seemed quite normal during the interview process and was pretty good at her job for a while. Then she announced she was a witch.

It wasn't a joke. She practiced witchcraft and actually had a Wiccan wedding. That, in itself, didn't affect her performance, but she kept making an issue of it, and it affected relationships at work.

I drew the line when she brought two iguanas to work in a pillowcase and stuck them in her filing cabinet. The iguanas belonged to her roommate, and the roommate owed her rent. She was holding them hostage until she got her money. I asked her why she couldn't bring their cage, and she told me there was no cage. They lived in the shower -- even while she was taking a shower. (She said, "They love the water, and we use non-toxic soap!"

It was clear that I had made a hiring mistake -- one of many in my career.  READ MORE

ELD Final Rule Takes Effect

By Victor Shell
CSA Director of Safety & Transportation

Victor ShellThe ELD grace period is over.

As of April 1, trucks required to install electronic logging devices should have them onboard. With few exceptions, the rule mandates any driver previously required to keep a paper record of duty status must install an ELD.

Drivers caught without ELDs are expected to be placed out of service for 10 hours, may have points added to their Compliance, Safety, Accountability program scores, and could even be assessed a civil fine.  READ MORE

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CLICK HERE for printable form.

Don't Miss the Next WILL Workshop in New Orleans

A woman in business? Dealer? Supplier? The Women in Lumber Leadership Workshop is for you!

This workshop will help you:

  • Meet the challenges of leadership, managing others and work-life balance
  • Gain valuable insight into your strengths and leadership abilities
  • Enhance your ability to influence others
  • Increase your personal presence and ability to be heard
  • Gain the skills to engage effectively in conflict and healthy collaboration

The workshop will begin on Thursday, May 3 and will end on Friday, May 4. Our host will be the Doubletree Hotel in New Orleans, La. Cost is $450 per person and includes two meals and all the materials.



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CLICK HERE for Birmingham registration.

CLICK HERE for Biloxi registration.

Save the Date!

Oklahoma's Summer Fling Scheduled for June 1-3

Our Oklahoma members have traditionally held an annual Summer Fling to gather together for family time and networking with their industry peers.This year, they will open the event to all CSA members.

The Summer Fling will be held June 1-3 at the Shangri-La Resort on Monkey Island, Okla., located on the shores of beautiful Grand Lake O’ The Cherokees.

Registration will open later this month. Mark you calendars now!

4 Lessons Your Company Can Take from Atlanta's Ransomware Attack

By Samuel Edwards, Guest Writer

In late March the computer system of the City of Atlanta was victimized by a ransomware attack and, 10 days later and counting, the city’s computer system is still at least partially gridlocked, with ripple effects experienced in a variety of critical areas. What went wrong, and what can be done to ensure other cities and organizations aren’t compromised in a similar way?

If you have questions about what happens during a ransomware attack or how to assess your vulnerability, this article provides clear information.

Most often, criminals who perpetrate these attacks don't look for a specific company to hit. Instead, they look for the most vulnerable! Don't be that company.  READ MORE

Are You an Introvert? Here's How to Make It Work at Work

By Shari Harley, Founder & President
Candid Culture

I’ve wanted to be an introvert my whole life. It’s going poorly.

Introverts think, then speak. What an amazing quality. Extroverts, like me, wake up talking and then spend much of the day apologizing for what we’ve said.

While I covet introverts’ thoughtful communication style, they are at a disadvantage. The people we work with are busy and have limited exposure to coworkers. As a result, others judge us very quickly. If we don’t speak up in meetings or find another way to express our thoughts, people are likely to think we have little to offer. Regardless of your communication style, if you want people to know the value you provide, find a way to share it.

You can’t, won’t, and shouldn’t become a different person to get ahead at work.


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