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May 9, 2018

What I Learned at Google -- Part 1

By Jim Moody, CAE
CSA President

Jim MoodyWe recently took one of our dealer roundtables out to California to meet with Google and learn about recruiting and retaining millennials.

I think we are all aware of the challenges of finding and keeping great employees, and it seems that recruiting younger folks is an even bigger challenge for our industry than others. The members of this roundtable wanted to learn more about creating a work environment that attracts and maintains millennials.

We're facing serious workforce issues. During the downturn, we essentially lost a generation in the LBM industry. Many companies now are staffed primarily by people who are nearing retirement. It’s been tough to backfill with people who will stay a while.

The visit to Google was one of the more enlightening roundtable meetings I’ve been to (and I’ve been to a lot of them over the past 12 years). I can’t duplicate the experience of going to Google (“microkitchen” stocked with food and drink beyond anything you can imagine; heated toilet seats; etc.), but over the next few Frameworks or so, I’d like to share with you some of the insights they shared with us.


Immigration Webinar Scheduled for May 24

By Yeva Ducas
CSA Director of HR & Workforce

Yeva DucasOur industry is at risk. Which means you are at risk.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement is increasing the number of I-9 audits it conducts, especially for selected industries like ours. The fines for non-compliance are painful.

To help you navigate employment requirements and ensure you have your paperwork in shape, CSA is offering a one-hour webinar on Thursday, May 24 at 1 p.m. EDT.

I will present information that will help you understand:

  • Form I-9 employment verification process
  • Best practices for completing and maintaining I-9 employee forms
  • Employment eligibility and antidiscrimination laws and regulations

The webinar is free for CSA members. Non-members are welcome to attend for the low rate of $79.

Although I will present the webinar, Katie Bodiford is organizing it. You might see Katie's name when you complete your registration.

If you have questions about this webinar or your I-9 process, please contact me at 470-512-1788 or [email protected].


IRS Grants Reprieve from $50 HSA Contribution Reduction

The IRS has announced relief from the recent $50 reduction in maximum HSA contributions for 2018 for HSA-eligible individuals enrolled in other than self-only high deductible health plan coverage.

The IRS said such individuals may contribute up to the original limit of $6,900.

If you have questions about this issue or other HR issues, please contact Yeva Ducas at 470-512-1788 or [email protected].


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CLICK HERE for Birmingham registration.

CLICK HERE for Biloxi registration.

Oklahoma's Summer Fling Scheduled for June 1-3

Oklahoma Summer Fling LogoOur Oklahoma members have traditionally held an annual Summer Fling to gather together for family time and networking with their industry peers.This year, they will open the event to all CSA members.

The Summer Fling will be held June 1-3 at the Shangri-La Resort on Monkey Island, Okla., located on the shores of beautiful Grand Lake O’ The Cherokees.


4 Leadership Methods for Empowering Employees and Building Strong Teams

By Mike Kappel, Contributor

Deciding to start your own business takes guts, passion and motivation. Being an entrepreneur shows you aren't a follower -- that you'd rather forge your own path than settle down in a typical 9 to 5 job.

Does being a business owner mean you're a leader? Not necessarily!

Yet, when you have your own business, you must show strong leadership to motivate and inspire your employees. So, even if you aren't already one, you can and must learn how to become a leader.

And if you've been leading for years, you sometimes need to refresh your tactics.


Transparency Builds Leadership Trust

By Shari Harley, President
Candid Culture

Hire people using whatever (legal) criteria you like. Compensate employees however you like. Charge for your products and services however you like. Run your business however you like.

But be transparent about your practices. People want to work with those they trust. Transparency builds leadership trust.

A few weeks ago one of our vendors gave me a bill that was higher than what I expected, so I asked for an itemized invoice. I never heard from the company again. Poof; they disappeared. Not a great way to build leadership trust nor a reputation.


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