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July 12, 2017

First Step to Stop Turnover: Enhance How You Welcome New Employees

Yeva DucasBy Yeva Ducas, SHRM-CP
CSA Director of Workforce Development

Hello CSA Members! I've enjoyed getting to know some of you over the past few weeks and look forward to meeting the rest of you very soon. So far, I've found that employee recruitment and retention seem to be hot topics for many of you. I'm hearing a common concern that certain positions seem to be turning over more frequently than others.

Did you know that half of the employees who left their jobs last year did so within the first 12 months of employment? That's according to Equifax Workforce Insights. Employee turnover is expensive and can have a big impact on your bottom line.

Recently, the Society for Human Resource Management reported the average cost per hire is $4,129, and the average time to fill a position is 42 days. I'm sure you've already reached the conclusion that retaining good employees is much less expensive than hiring new people.

So what can you do to decrease unwanted turnover?


How to Get Top Dollar When Selling Your Business

By Scott Simpson, President & CEO
Blue Tarp Financial

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Selling a business is a lot like selling a home -- you benefit by taking advantage of the equity built over the years.  But there are potential pitfalls when selling a business, especially if this is new to you. The world of mergers and acquisitions is very specialized, and it requires experience to successfully navigate and maximize your business value for strategic and financial acquirers.

As you prepare to stage a business for sale, note that you may have multiple reasons to sell your company (liquidity, retirement, family buyouts), but acquirers will be less sentimental. They purchase businesses because:
a) the businesses are profitable
b) they businesses are strategically important, and/or
c) the businesses can eventually be sold for higher value.


Registration Now Open for CSA Annual Conference & Expo, Golf and Pre-Conference Courses

Registration is now open for all educational, social and sporting activities at the CSA Annual Conference & Expo. Hotel rooms are also still available.

Register early for the best value and most availability. You should have registration materials in hand, and they are available online. If you have questions, call us at the CSA office.


How to Beat the Summer Heat

OSHA has launched its annual summer campaign to remind employers and employees about the dangers of working outdoors in hot weather.

Extreme heat exposure is the leading cause of weather-related deaths, prompting more than 65,000 emergency room visits annually. In 2014, 18 workers died from heat stroke or other heat-related causes.

Three tips will help you stay safe:

  • Water -- Drink water every 15 minutes.
  • Rest -- Take rest breaks in the shade to cool down.
  • Shade -- Wear a hat and light-colored clothing.
Monitor fellow workers for any signs of problems.


Working With Difficult People -- When to Give Up

By Shari Harley
Candid Culture

Unless you never interact with other people, there’s probably someone in your life who repeatedly engages in a behavior that annoys you. You’ve probably made requests about what you’d like to the person to do differently, and hopefully you’ve given feedback. But the behavior hasn’t changed.

At some point, we have to accept that people are who and how they are. People can and will change certain behaviors, if their motivation is high enough. But other behaviors won’t change. They are what they are. And if you want to have the person in your personal or professional life, you have to accept the behavior and the person as they are. And doing this can be very difficult, at least it is for me. I admit, I often have this conversation myself, “Why won’t he…? I don’t get it. It’s not that hard. How many times do I have to ask?”

Here are five strategies for working with difficult people:


Online SBA Course to Help You Understand Your Customers Better

The Small Business Administration has launched a course through its Learning Center to help you understand your customer better. Knowing your customer is essential to effectively selling your product or service. This course will introduce you to tools and resources that will help you understand your customer and use this understanding to increase sales. READ MORE

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