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July 24, 2019

Employers: Beware of FCRA-Based Class Action Lawsuits

Dawn Stastny PhotoBy Dawn Stastny, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Managing Partner
Stellaris Group

As a small-business owner or Human Resources manager, your job is to ensure the safety of your personnel while also finding a new-hire who has the qualifications of filling a position you have available. Gone are the days of simply having a potential employee fill out an application and then check a few references regarding his or her tenure with a previous employee. Things have gotten a bit more complicated these days, but only in an effort to ensure that both employee and employer’s rights are not infringed upon.

According to the website, a myriad of class action lawsuits are caused by technical violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. One of the most common violations is failure to provide a Compliant Disclosure Form to the applicant.


What Numbers Should You Track? Rethink Your Data -- and Your Business

Sherrill HayesYou might think that an annual conference presentation with "data" in the title is sure to be a snooze fest, right? Think again.

Dr. Sherrill Hayes and Dr. Gene Ray have a passion for numbers that just might inspire you to rethink how you use the data you already have to gain a competitive advantage.

Representing the Cox Family Enterprise Center Gene Rayat Kennesaw State University, Sherrill and Gene know that it takes more than just getting along at Thanksgiving to keep a family-owned business successful.

Whether it's customer tracking, inventory turns or fleet management, you'll be sure to rethink how you look at your numbers day to day.

Registration is open now! If you haven't received your registration materials, call the CSA office at 678-674-1860. Or register online using the link below.


Worried About Losing Your Best Employees? Lisa Ryan Can Help You Keep Your Team Engaged

Lisa RyanAward-winning speaker and best-selling author Lisa Ryan will share insights and tips on how to motivate your employees and keep them on YOUR team during her high-energy Grand Opening presentation at the CSA Annual Meeting.

Replacing employees is time consuming, expensive and difficult. Don't let them simply take their skills elsewhere. Lisa will share her tips for applauding effort and helping employees grow -- among many other key retention fundamentals.

This year's meeting will deliver excellent education, as well as plenty of networking and social time for family members. You'll also be able to connect with your existing suppliers or make connections for new services during the expo hours.

If you haven't received your registration materials, call the CSA office at 678-674-1860.

Whether you're a longtime or first-time attendee, we invite you to join us in New Orleans!


Do Your Employees Need Estimating and Blueprint Take-Off Skills?

hard hat graphicDo your employees need training to help them become better at estimating and blueprint take-off? CSA will provide both basic and advanced classes in the days just before the CSA Annual Conference.

Attendees will walk away with the ability to do a basic take-off on a residential plan and will have a resource manual and a working set of plans to refer to when back on the job. For the advanced class, students will hone their skills working on more complex roof systems and learn more shortcuts to achieve a more efficient method of doing take-offs with varying levels of difficulty.

Basic Estimating will be offered on Sept. 10-11 and the cost is $450. Advanced Estimating will be held Sept. 12 and the cost is $250. Both classes will be held in the Doubletree Hotel New Orleans. They will start at 8 a.m. and finish at 5 p.m. The course fee includes all materials, lunch and refreshments.


Active Shooter Preparedness -- A Matter of Survival

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The sound of gunshots breaks through the hum of a busy workplace. Chaos ensues as people scramble for safety while an active shooter fires at a group of workers.

It’s easy to brush off the possibility of being involved in such a situation, thinking that it could never happen to you. But the unfortunate reality of the modern American workplace is that these terrifying scenarios are becoming more and more common. Active shooters act alone or in small groups, and fire indiscriminately, choosing their victims at random. Knowing how to respond is essential for every employee.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has developed a three-part response strategy.


Warren Buffett Says This Simple Habit Separates Successful People From Everyone Else

By Michael Schwantes, Founder & Chief Human Officer
Leadership From the Core

Billionaire Warren Buffett, the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, is 87 years old and still capturing the world's attention as the second richest person on the planet (as of this writing).

So how has he done it? Actually, it's not so much about what he has done as it is what he hasn't done. With all the demands on him every day, Buffett learned a long time ago that the greatest commodity of all is time. He simply mastered the art and practice of setting boundaries for himself.

That's why this Buffett quote remains a powerful life lesson.


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