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August 22, 2018

What Managers Should Be Measuring Each Week

By Jim Moody, CAE
CSA President

Jim Moody

I write a lot about the importance of owners stepping up to the 30,000-foot-level to see the big picture. Today, for a change, I’m going to focus on what managers should be looking at every week.

But before I get to the point, let me be clear: Owners need to be looking at numbers frequently, and sometimes owners and managers are the same person. But I am not giving owners permission to spend too much time in the weeds. There are things at the strategic level that only owners can do. If you spend all your time in the weeds, the high-level stuff will never get done.

So, read this and pass it on to your managers and let them do their jobs. (Better yet, give us your managers’ email addresses and we will send every issue of Framework directly to them.)

So what should managers be looking at every single week?


Conference Speakers Will Give You Insights You Can Use Immediately

Our conference speakers this year know your business, speak your language, and will share insights you can immediately put to use back home.

The Thursday Keynote, from 7:30 to 9:15 a.m., will feature Natalia Dittmer, marketing director, Turn-a-Lum Lumber in Vancouver Washington. Her topic will be "Bringing Your Business into Focus: Why Marketing Matters."

Natalia will continue sharing her marketing insights during a Thursday Breakout session, from 9:30 to 10:40 a.m. Her topic will be "Branding Your Business Using Social Media."

Dave Urso, president, Dynamic Consulting, will present a second Thursday Breakout session from 9:30 to 10:40 a.m. His topic will be "Developing a Cooperative Culture: Resolving Employee Conflict."

Don't worry! We'll repeat these sessions so you can attend both.

On Friday, Craig Webb, editor, ProSales Magazine, will deliver the Closing Keynote 8:00 to 9:30 a.m. Always a big hit, Craig's topic will be "Looking at the Big Picture: Key Questions to Consider."


States are Making Marijuana Legal; What Requirements Must We Follow?

Victor ShellBy Victor Shell
CSA Director of Safety & Transportation

Let’s make sure we have a clear picture about the requirements, when we are addressing safety-sensitive positions in our organizations, like commercial drivers! As more states pass legislation to allow for the use of medical and/or recreational marijuana, you may find some commercial drivers arguing that they may legally seek such treatment or indulge its use during their free time.

But despite the increasingly legal use, the U.S. Department of Transportation still restricts marijuana use for drivers, so it’s vital that you counter their arguments and help them understand where the legal lines are before the use of marijuana becomes a safety issue at your company.


As Unemployment Rate Trends Down, Companies Offer Signing Bonuses

A recent article posted by Glassdoor, an online company concerned with jobs and job searches, details bonuses some companies are offering to attract certain skilled workers. The highest bonus mentioned in this article is from Carilion Clinic in Roanoke, Va. They are offering up to $30,000 for registered nurses.

According to this article, Walmart is looking for drivers. Here's what they are offering:

Bonus Details: “New $5,000 sign-on bonus for experienced drivers and $3,000 for recent CDL A Grads. And, with this Walmart Dedicated opportunity you will spend more time at home . You’ll earn great pay and get home daily. Plus, this is 100% No TOUCH freight. And with USX you will roll in some of the best equipment in the industry. We offer paid orientation, up to $7,000 in tuition reimbursement and a great starting CPM.”
Hiring For: Truck drivers & more.


How a Business Owner's Role Should Evolve

By Bernie Meineke
Savannah Morning News

Most businesses start like a one-person band with the owner playing all the instruments. That person can usually play some of the instruments well, but he or she must also play some of the instruments by necessity.

Like any musical ensemble, there are many roles in a small business. In the beginning, owners are often the best person in the company at making or delivering the product or service. And because they have the most at stake, they often wear a variety of hats including sales, accounting and more.

Through a combination of skill, planning, talent and perhaps luck, some businesses will grow. This growth will lead to new and changing roles in the business for everyone, including the owner. Of all the roles an owner has in the business, maybe the most important one is to be the designer for the business.

In the role of chief designer, business owners have these critical duties:


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