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Sept. 27, 2017

Can't We All Just Get Along?

Jim MoodyBy Jim Moody, CAE
CSA President

During the past few years, I’ve seen our society become more polarized than I’ve ever seen it before. Our news media seems to make no pretense about being neutral any longer, and driving a wedge into our national soul appears to drive ratings. We all seem willing to share our deepest and most personal thoughts with anyone via social media, yet we’ve lost the art of disagreeing with civility. The acrimony at the national and local levels is palpable.

I’m not making a statement about the left or right here; I’m pointing fingers both ways. And virtually all of us have at least a small role in making America hate. If we hate, we can’t be great.

But over the past few weeks, I’ve seen a glimmer of hope.


New Store Manager Roundtable Forming for Mississippi & Louisiana

CSA is now forming its third Store Manager Roundtable, and it will serve dealers located in Mississippi and Louisiana. If you are interested in having your store managers participate, please click on the link below and submit a participation form as soon as possible.

Dealers have consistently rated CSA roundtables as one of the best member benefits we offer.The atmosphere is open and honest, and your staff won't be placed in a roundtable with direct competitors. Ken Wilbanks will facilitate this new group, bringing more than 35 years of experience in LBM, hardware and home-center operations.

We will limit participation to 10 companies and 20 people. No company may send more than three participants, but we have a separate offer for companies with more than three people.

Click below for more information and the participation form. If you have questions about this (or any) of the CSA Roundtables, contact CSA President Jim Moody at [email protected] or (678) 674-1860; ext. 105.


You've Been Equi-Hacked!

Chris RaderBy Chris Rader
CEO, Rader Solutions

The headline in The Washington Post on Tuesday, September 26, 2017 read, "The SEC is hiring more cybersecurity help after breach that may have allowed hackers to profit from stock trades." Fortune magazine wrote, "Deloitte Gets Hacked: What We Know So Far." Although these breaches are major and should keep you up at night, there is more.

The "Big Whammy" headline arrived earlier this month on September 8, 2017 and told us for the first time that Equifax had been hacked -- and hacked big!

Yes, I have trouble even believing that Equifax allowed this type of activity. The company is one of the three major credit reporting agencies that we depend on to validate credit information and credit scores before we extend credit to customers. The identities of 143 million American consumers have been accessed, and more than 300,000 credit card accounts were disclosed.
What does this mean?
The bad news is that you are very likely to be in the pool. You can bet that your name, Social Security number, birthdate, address, and possibly your driver's license number, are on sale on the Dark Web.  READ MORE

Employee Has Indicated Need for Indefinite Leave. Can You Terminate?

Federated LogoQuestion: Our employee has tendonitis. His condition has not seen any improvement, if anything he has experienced regression.

To date we have conducted two ergonomic assessments. We made the recommended adjustments following both assessments. We have also accommodated the employee throughout his employment with modified duty and modified schedule as dictated by the employee's physician and the employee's feelings for what he can undertake day to day.

The employee’s work hours since December of 2016 have averaged 20.65 hours/week. Because of this reduction in work hours and the volume of work he is producing, we have hired a new full-time employee to handle what the employee has not been producing, as well as to meet the overall increased work load demands of our engineering department.

We have three employees in this group and our work volume is such that we need all three to be productive 40 hours each week. However, we are not able to spread this out evenly and the other two engineers are having to work in excess of 40 hours to handle the volume that the employee is unable to produce.

This employee sent an email today advising that “both of his hands are pretty messed up now, to the point that I cannot move them without being in a lot of pain. I cannot work anymore and I do not know if or when I will be able to. The medications I’ve been given are doing a bad job of dulling the pain, and it continues to get worse. I have a physical therapy appointment on Monday and a primary care appointment on Tuesday. I don’t know if they will help to get me back to work, and I don’t know when that will be.”

We are really struggling with how to move forward properly with this employee and would really appreciate some guidance here.  READ MORE

Dreading Becoming a Lame Duck? How to Plan Your Own Succession

By Marshall Goldsmith
Harvard Business Review

“If I announce my successor in advance, isn’t there a danger that I will just become a lame duck? I certainly wouldn’t want that to happen.”

Almost every executive goes through this dialog as part of the challenge of letting go.This fear often results in postponement of the succession announcement until the last minute — and inhibits what could have been a much smoother transition process.

When it is approaching time to leave or move on to a new position, face reality — you will become a lame duck. Attention will immediately shift to your successor. People will start sucking up to her — in the same way they used to suck up to you.

Make peace with being a lame duck before it actually happens and your life, your successor’s life, and the lives of your colleagues will be a lot better.  READ MORE

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