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October 9, 2019

Project Selling: Expanding the Scope of the Sale for Bigger Profits

Katie Bodiford PhotoBy Katie Bodiford
Executive Vice President

It’s Saturday morning and Bill and Sue have just finished breakfast and are headed to their local building supply store. Their goal is to purchase a new front door for their home. They have a rough idea of what they’re looking for but will rely on the store salesperson to guide them in their search.

They walk into the store and an employee welcomes them in a friendly voice asking  “What are you looking for today?”

What’s wrong with that you ask?

Nothing, really. The approach works in serving the basic needs of the customer:  Greeted them. Check. Friendly tone. Check. Asked what they needed help with. Check.

So, how could that interaction have been slightly modified to generate bigger sales in the end?


Nominating Committee Submits Slate for 2020 CSA Board of Directors

CSA’s Nominating Committee met in late September to select nominees for the Board of Directors. Nominees include:

  • Chair-Elect: Jason Terry, City Lumber, Huntsville, Ala.
  • Alabama Board Member: Andrew Brown, Brown Lumber, Columbiana, Ala.
  • Louisiana Board Member: Josh Johnson, Ivey Lumber, Mansfield, La.
  • Mississippi Board Member: Brett Bailess, Service Lumber, Rolling Fork, Miss.

No other Board positions were open for 2020.

Retiring board members include:


 Seats Still Available at Oklahoma Training

hard hat graphic

Three in-demand classes are coming to Oklahoma City this month. CSA will offer training for employees at all levels of your company, and we have a few seats still available.


Oct. 15: Intro to Building Material Sales

Oct. 16-17: Basic Estimating & Blueprint Take-Off

Oct. 16-17: OSHA 10 Training

Click "Read More" for details about pricing and location, or to register.


Need Employee Healthcare Insurance? CSA is Quoting Plans Now

health insurance graphicCSA has been working for more than a year to offer an association heath plan that will extend health care to member companies in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Oklahoma.

“We know that providing health insurance has been increasingly difficult for our members through the years,” said Jim Moody, CSA president. “By leveraging the size of the association, we are creating a group that is designed to provide competitive pricing for our members.”

Association health plans allow companies to band together to manage and purchase health care coverage that may save on annual health insurance costs by providing plans that were typically available to larger companies at a competitive price. Eligible member companies also will have access to supplemental benefits including dental, vision and life.

For more information, follow the link below.


Want to Make Difficult Conversations Easy? Try This 1 Counterintuitive Trick

By Scott Mautz

No one looks forward to a difficult conversation, whether it's with a troubling co-worker, a toxic boss, family, friends, or anyone else. We fear the consequences of having that discussion, picture the anger that might come spewing out, and even feel a pit in our stomach about the whole matter.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Difficult conversations are a part of life and frankly should be had more often. For example, I saw more instances than I can count in the corporate world where a tough conversation needed to be had with an employee or co-worker, and it never happened. It led to so much unnecessary tension, toxicity, wasted effort, and lost productivity.

I was recently having a discussion with a coaching client about a tough conversation she needed to have, and she mentioned the work of psychologist Dr. Albert Bernstein and his classic 1998 book, Dinosaur Brains.

I was immediately taken by one counterintuitive finding Bernstein shares.


The Single Most Important Interview Technique That Nearly Everyone Misses

By Tom Koulopoulos
Founder, Delphi Group

Of all the things that I look for in people when hiring -- for that matter in anyone I choose to build a relationship with -- there is one that is without doubt the most important. It is the rock solid foundation on which all trust is built and the superglue that ties together people and organizations, or, in its absence, destroys them.

I am going to share it with you, but first let’s play a little mind game to set the stage.


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