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October 23, 2019

You Can't Clean Dirty Water at the Mouth of the River

Rick DavisBy Rick Davis, CSP, CDT
President, Building Leaders, Inc.

A price objection is like dirty water at the mouth of the river. You can invest your time trying to clean up the mess as it reaches its final destination, but you won’t succeed. If you want success, you have to address the problem upstream where factories dump pollutants, drivers litter fast food wrappers, and boats sputter oil.

Much like trying to clean up the mouth of a river, salespeople often address a price objection after delivering the price, but by then it’s usually too late to do much good. When contractors ask for a better price, it’s often nothing more than a knee jerk reaction to keep suppliers honest.

The tactic is effective, however, because most salespeople have done little to establish value earlier in the process (upstream) and are caught reacting, ultimately relinquishing “one point” to garner the sale. Almost nothing good comes from the lower price … for anyone involved ... including the client.


Need Employee Healthcare Insurance? CSA is Quoting Plans Now

health insurance graphicCSA has been working for more than a year to offer an association heath plan that will extend health care to member companies in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Oklahoma.

“We know that providing health insurance has been increasingly difficult for our members through the years,” said Jim Moody, CSA president. “By leveraging the size of the association, we are creating a group that is designed to provide competitive pricing for our members.”

Association health plans allow companies to band together to manage and purchase health care coverage that may save on annual health insurance costs by providing plans that were typically available to larger companies at a competitive price. Eligible member companies also will have access to supplemental benefits including dental, vision and life.

For more information, follow the link below.


Protect Your Business: You Hold the Keys

Federated LogoAuto crashes continue to wreak havoc on our nation’s roads — and as a result on businesses that rely on vehicles to move people or products. The devastation is apparent in employees and their families, who must cope with tragic consequences, and in courtrooms, where businesses are held responsible for the behavior of employees driving for company purposes.

Court decisions designed to punish businesses are becoming more and more common. Your best chance to avoid a ruling that could reach into the tens of millions is to proactively address the common issues that arise in auto crash claims. Do your driving policies address the right factors, such as substance use and mobile device distraction? Are you doing your homework on your drivers? Can you demonstrate that you did everything you could to help prevent a crash?

Strong policies and effective communication are a great foundation, but you have to go further.


Free Safety Audit Available to CSA Members Could Save You Thousands

hardhatHave you scheduled a complimentary safety audit yet? CSA staff members and safety experts, Victor Shell and Michael Snider, are ready to assist you.

They can help you identify trouble spots in your operation. Correcting them could save you thousands of dollars if you get a visit from OSHA or other regulatory agencies. The audit is free to CSA members.

In Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana or Mississippi, contact Victor Shell at (470) 514-6729 and in Oklahoma contact Michael Snider at (405) 210-9569.

How Happy Employees Make Happy Customers

By Shep Hyken

Most business leaders would agree that a key to a company’s success is an ongoing stream of happy customers, willing to pay for the company’s goods and services. And then getting them to come back … again and again.

The key to achieving customer happiness, as in customers who want to do business with you again and again, is to focus on employee happiness first. That’s according to Jason Whitman, VP of Customer and Employee Success at Justworks, a startup providing simple HR, benefits and payroll for small business.

It’s simple — happier employees make happier customers. And, there are plenty of statistics and facts to back this up.


How To Know When It’s Time To Grow Your Business

By Julie Bawden-Davis

When Sue Marshall decided to significantly expand her fitness and casual wear business by launching a line of workout wear and adding a wholesale arm two years later, business jumped by 1,000 percent. Fortunately, Marshall and her sister and business partner, Simone Adler, were ready.

But how do you know if it's time to expand? Three indicators that your business is ready for growth include strong sales and a loyal customer base that's asking for more. You might also want to think about expanding if your sales are languishing but you recognize untapped markets.


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