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November 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving! We're Thankful for You

Jim MoodyBy Jim Moody, CAE
CSA President

We're coming into the home stretch of an eventful year. And as we pause to spend time with friends and family this Thanksgiving, I'd like to express my appreciation for you -- CSA members, new and old.

The CSA staff does what it does every day for you. Serving your needs is the reason we come to work every day.

True, we'd come to work regardless of the "personality" of our membership, but your incredible spirit gives meaning to the work we do and makes everything more fun. As a group you are so smart, so thoughtful and so gracious that it's a pleasure to work with you.

This issue of Framework is dedicated to people with great spirit working to make things better for others. I hope you enjoy these stories.

We're thankful for each of you and look forward to making the coming year the best ever!

Houston's 'Mattress Mack' Turned His Stores into Shelters

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, a man known locally as the Mattress King of Houston and for his boisterous local TV ads (he actually wore a mattress in one), “Mattress Mack” McIngvale stepped up to help his fellow Houstonians.

He turned two of his popular stores into shelters and organized volunteers and trucks to help rescue his fellow Houstonians. His generosity helped them find safety, food and a warm place to sleep when they needed it most.

Click below for more stories from Hurricane Harvey.


Electrician Stays Behind to Help

One of the stories out of Hurricane Irma was of an electrician in Florida who stayed behind when his family evacuated so he could work to ensure the nursing homes in his area were prepared for the storm.

When asked why he didn’t leave, he said, “As long as I know my family is ok, I have skills that are needed here and want to do my part to help.”

This kind of can-do attitude and the understanding that specific skills might be of particular use to a community, was integral to the preparedness of that community.

Click the link below for "5 Signs of Hope After the Hurricanes."


How 10 Construction Companies are Embracing the Spirit of Giving

By Kim Slowey, Contributor
Construction Dive

With Thanksgiving just days away, we're taking a look at how the construction industry is giving back to local communities across the nation. For most of these companies, charity is a year-round endeavor, giving employees and executives alike a chance to get involved with a wide array of charities and community-building causes.


How Giving Back Helped Jim Godbout Personally and Professionally

By Staff Writer

A few years ago, Jim Godbout, president of Jim Godbout Plumbing & Heating in Biddeford, Maine, and other members of the local Rotary Club began working with local high schools to develop a couple of programs to build great tradesmen within the community.

The program’s approach is simple; high school students meet the basic requirements of graduation while committing to learning a trade. The added skills may be machining, electrical, carpentry, welding, auto repair or plumbing and HVAC, enabling general education students to at least have some exposure to the trades.

Remarkably, some of these students have discovered new sources of inspiration. “It’s like a light goes on, and suddenly there’s a spark of excitement,” Godbout says.


Miles Supply Redirects Charitable Funds to Hurricane Relief

After the 2017 storms, Miles Supply posted this message on its website: "In light of the events and aftermath of the Hurricanes, Miles Supply has revised their Miles Supply Gives Back campaign for the rest of 2017. We will be utilizing the rest of this program’s funds to help the enormous needs in the disaster areas."

Miles Supply serves the stone industry with more than 8,000 products. It has locations in Vermont, Georgia, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Texas.


10 Ways Small Businesses Can Give Back Without Breaking the Bank

By John Rampton

Social responsibility benefits businesses of all sizes, but it is essential when you’re a small business closely tied to the community. Giving back helps attract new customers and employees while makes business owners happier and healthier. Giving back introduces networking opportunities.

Giving back to the community can supercharge your marketing by building your brand’s recognition and reputation. Studies have found that 85 percent of consumers will switch from one brand to another associated with a cause the favor, with 91 percent of millennials willing to switch. Two-thirds of millennials and 53 percent of the general population use social media to engage around corporate social responsibility.

Here’s the problem when you’re a small business owner. You’re on a tight budget and may not have the funds to be as philanthropic as you would like.



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