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November 27, 2019

Things For Which I Am Grateful

Jim Moody PhotoBy Jim Moody
CSA President

The leaves are changing, the air has an occasional bite, and it’s dark at 5 p.m. Your football team has suffered at least one heartbreaking loss. (OK, LSU fans, I know you haven’t lost. But your Saints lost to the Falcons, so I know you have some frustration in you.) All of that means we are close to Thanksgiving, a time when everyone ought to stop and reflect on the year.

Here are a few of the things that come to mind for me:

  • Our Next Gen groups. We’re in our fourth group right now. Many of the alumni have taken over ownership of their family businesses. Most of the rest have, at least, taken on greater leadership roles within their companies.


Need Employee Healthcare Insurance? CSA Can Help!

health insurance graphicCSA has been working for more than a year to offer an association heath plan that will extend health care to member companies in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Oklahoma.

Association health plans now allow companies to band together to manage and purchase health care coverage that may save on annual health insurance costs by providing plans that were typically available to larger companies at a competitive price. Eligible member companies also will have access to supplemental benefits including dental, vision and life.

Some of our members have seen substantial savings on their plans. Although that may not be true for every company, it doesn't cost anything to explore the option.

For more information, follow the link below.


Can Participation in a Dealer Roundtable Help Improve Your Business?

CSA Collaboration Logo

We think so!

CSA offers its members the chance to learn with and from other members, and dealer roundtables are some of the most popular sessions we offer. They consistently get high ratings for their effectiveness and for the quality of the information shared.

Have you considered joining a dealer roundtable? Here's more information:

What is a dealer roundtable?
Roundtables are groups of non-competing dealers who have an interest in sharing best practices, financials, and other information to help each other become stronger dealers.  Roundtables generally include eight to ten dealers who stay together for an extended period of time. They meet in the spring and fall. CSA currently has both LBM and truss groups.


A Free Safety Audit Can Help You Create a Safer Workplace

hardhatHave you scheduled a complimentary safety audit yet? CSA staff members and safety experts, Victor Shell and Michael Snider, are ready to assist you.

They can help you identify trouble spots in your operation. Correcting them could help make your shop safer and might save you thousands of dollars if you get a visit from OSHA or other regulatory agencies. The audit is free to CSA members.

In Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana or Mississippi, contact Victor Shell at (470) 514-6729 and in Oklahoma contact Michael Snider at (405) 210-9569.

7 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Gratitude

By Amy Morin

It’s that time of year where many people begin thinking about everything they have to be thankful for. Although it’s nice to count your blessings on Thanksgiving, being thankful throughout the year could have tremendous benefits on your quality of life.

In fact, gratitude may be one of the most overlooked tools that we all have access to every day. Cultivating gratitude doesn’t cost any money and it certainly doesn’t take much time, but the benefits are enormous. Research reveals gratitude can have these seven benefits:


How Trust is Linked to Happiness

By David Amerland

Since 2012 global happiness has become a quality we measure and there is an organization that uses a variety of factors to rank the world’s nations on what I suppose we can call a Happiness Index.

“The aspiration of society is the flourishing of its members,” said Jeffrey Sachs, director of the Earth Institute, Columbia University. “This report gives evidence on how to achieve societal well-being. It’s not by money alone, but also by fairness, honesty, trust, and good health. The evidence here will be useful to all countries as they pursue the new Sustainable Development Goals.”

The report, produced by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, contains analysis from leading experts in the fields of economics, neuroscience, national statistics, and describes how measurements of subjective well-being can be used effectively to assess national progress.

Denmark, was the happiest nation in the world according to the 2014 report and, as a country, it has been topping the list for some time. The Danes have ranked high among the happiest nations in the world. In 2014 they occupied the top spot and in 2015 they were still among the world’s five happiest nations. Research indicates this is because Danes have a high level of trust, even for people they don’t know. Apparently, trust makes people happy. Happy people behave differently and their behavior, taken cumulatively, affects the entire social fabric and culture of their country.


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