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November 28, 2018

We're Moving Forward on Health Insurance. Now We Need Your Help!

Jim MoodyBy Jim Moody, CAE
CSA President

I wrote you a couple of months ago about our desire to take advantage of new regulations and provide an association-wide group health insurance offering. Today I’d like to give you an update and ask for a favor.

After the Board decided it wanted to explore health insurance and an Association Health Plan offering, we solicited proposals from several groups that had expertise in this area. We invited large national firms that have lots of pull with the big insurers, small shops that pride themselves on providing a higher level of personal attention, and some regional brokers that brought the best of both worlds.

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the Association Health Plan Task Force of George Weatherly, Jonathan Kennedy, Will Lummus, Ann Marie Miller and Turner Townsend. They arrived for the annual meeting in Destin a day early and spent the entire day listening to proposals in a windowless meeting room in the hotel basement when they could have been on the beach.


Oklahoma Sales Training Starts Today in Tulsa, Tomorrow in OKC

CSA is  presenting the “Nuts & Bolts of Lumber and Building Material Sales” in two Oklahoma locations starting today. Today's class is in Tulsa; tomorrow's class will be in Oklahoma City.

This is an eye-opening workshop that benefits both new employees and the most seasoned industry veterans. The course combines product knowledge with sales and customer service skills. It also presents the concept of project selling. Participants learn about margins and how profits are really made.

Each class is only $189 and include all materials, a lumber reference manual and lunch. They will be held:

Wed. 11/28 -- The Mayo Hotel -- Tulsa
Thur. 11/29 -- CSA Office -- Oklahoma City

Don’t pass up this unique training opportunity!


Start the New Year with a Free Safety Audit from CSA

Give yourself a New Year's present and schedule a complimentary Safety Audit through CSA.

Our safety experts can help you identify trouble spots in your operation. Correcting them could save you thousands of dollars if you get a visit from OSHA or other regulatory agencies. The audit is free to CSA members.

In Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana or Mississippi, contact Victor Shell at (470) 514-6729 and in Oklahoma contact Michael Snider at (405) 210-9569.

You're Invited to the CSA Christmas Party in Tulsa

CSA's Oklahoma members have traditionally held a Christmas party in early December, and this year, everyone is invited!

The party will be held Saturday, December 8 at 6:00 p.m. in the Great Hall of The Mayo Hotel in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

We'll have a reception and dinner, as well as a silent auction. Don't miss the fun! All CSA Members are invited to attend!


Stocks are Nosediving. Is a Recession Coming?

By Derek Thompson, Staff Writer
The Atlantic

In December 2007, Larry Kudlow, then a talking head for the business network CNBC, proclaimed, “There’s no recession coming. It’s not going to happen.” That same month, the economy plunged into the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

This week, Larry Kudlow, now the director of the National Economic Council, stood on the White House lawn and struck a familiar note: “I’m reading some of the weirdest stuff [about] how a recession is right around the corner. Nonsense,” he said. “Recession is so far in the distance, I can’t see it.”

Is he right?


Driving for the Weather: Be Smart, Be Prepared, Be Safe

Federated LogoEveryday distractions aren’t the only things you should worry about when driving. Mother Nature throws in her share of difficulties, as well. Rain, wind, snow, sleet, hail, and ice — hazards are everywhere. Drivers need to know if any lie between them and their destinations.

The National Weather Service® issues watches, warnings, and advisories through several communication channels.  Wherever you are, wherever you travel, and wherever you do business, weather can affect travel plans. Commuters and employees who travel frequently face driving risks every day — especially in harsh weather. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends a variety of tips to stay safe on the roadways, including the following:


An Owner's Guide To Creating A Business Succession Plan

By Geri Stengel, Contributor

An exit strategy is how entrepreneurs and investors transfer ownership of their business to a third party, or lays out how they will recoup money invested in the business. You may want to be acquired by another company, do an initial public offering (IPO), sell to employees or keep the business in the family. For many of you, the plan is simply to liquidate the company or close its doors.

For those of you who are considering passing your business on to your children or to other family members -- whether they run the business or not -- this article is for you. Family businesses comprise 90% of all business enterprises in the U.S., and 62% of total U.S. employment.   


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