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December 11, 2019

Make the Most of the Rest of the Year

Jim Moody PhotoBy Jim Moody
CSA President

So we reach the end of the year. Business slows down for the holidays. There are lots of sweets in the company kitchen. There are a couple of projects that have floated around the bottom of your to-do list for most of the year that you need to complete. You’ve heard every version of “Last Christmas” on the radio three times. Maybe that’s just me (I still like George Micheal’s version best but Taylor Swift’s is growing on me.) but I think all of us can relate to at least some of it.

I suspect few of us are thinking about how we make the most of the rest of the year. But we should, because now is a great time to do something that we don’t often have time to do: setting goals and planning.

I have frequently written about planning, budgeting and the like, but I’m well aware that this is an industry that hates to do those things. Frankly I hate it, too. But the thing I hate even more is doing the same old stuff year after year. If we don’t set goals and plan to do things differently, we find ourselves in the deadly zone of comfort, which is great until you realize a) you are bored, and b) your business is in decline.


CSA Welcomes Wallace Building Center!

Wallace Building Center logoCSA is pleased to welcome its newest dealer member -- Wallace Building Center in Bremen, Ga.!

If you get a chance to personally welcome Cody and his crew, here is their contact info:

Wallace Building Center
Primary contact: Cody Wallace
103 Fern Street
Bremen, GA  30110

(770) 537-2100

Wallace Email
Wallace website 

Rick Davis Sales Team Workshop Slated for the Spring

Rick Davis photoYou asked for sales training and we’re delivering in a big way! CSA is teaming up with the Building Material Suppliers Association to bring Rick Davis to Atlanta.

Sponsored by Huttig Building Materials, Rick will lead a dynamic session May 12-13 titled “Covering the Bases.” This workshop will combine teaching, facilitated dialogues and breakout exercises to enable sales teams to establish effective game plans for their sales efforts. Topics will include:

  • Writing a strategic sales plan that works
  • Methods of measuring performance that produce results
  • Defining roles for joint sales calls
  • Staying on track and making needed adjustments
  • Beating price objections and staying out of market recessions

In addition to the workshop, we’re excited to include tickets and transportation to the Atlanta Braves game against the Boston Red Sox during the first night as a part of your registration package!

Rick’s boot camps are usually held in Chicago and are priced in the thousands of dollars. But CSA and BMSA will be offering this exclusive training opportunity for only $595 for members ($795 for non-members).

Rick, president of Building Leaders, will draw on content from his newest book, Sales Economics. You’ll gain insights into the science of selling and be able to create a game plan that is not only a model for short-term success but should be rolled out to your entire company. Rick designed this program specifically for our member companies -- it’s a session you should not miss!

Space is limited, so please let us know if you are interested in attending! Call CSA at 678-478-1860.

It's Not Too Late to Explore New Employee Healthcare Options

health insurance graphicAs we roll toward the end of the year and the beginning of a new healthcare year, it's not too late to explore different healthcare options for your company. CSA is offering an association heath plan that will extend health care to member companies in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Oklahoma.

Association health plans now allow companies to band together to manage and purchase health care coverage that may save on annual health insurance costs by providing plans that were typically available to larger companies at a competitive price. Eligible member companies also will have access to supplemental benefits including dental, vision and lif

Some of our members have seen substantial savings on their plans. Although that may not be true for every company, it doesn't cost anything to explore the option.

For more information, follow the link below.


Are You Ready to Participate in a Dealer Roundtable Next Year?

CSA Collaboration Logo

We hope so!

CSA offers its members the chance to learn with and from other members, and dealer roundtables are some of the most popular sessions we offer. They consistently get high ratings for their effectiveness and for the quality of the information shared.

Have you considered joining a dealer roundtable? Here's more information:

What is a dealer roundtable?
Roundtables are groups of non-competing dealers who have an interest in sharing best practices, financials, and other information to help each other become stronger dealers.  Roundtables generally include eight to ten dealers who stay together for an extended period of time. They meet in the spring and fall. CSA currently has both LBM and truss groups.


Start the New Year with a Safer Workplace

hardhatHave you scheduled a complimentary safety audit for next year? CSA staff members and safety experts, Victor Shell and Michael Snider, are ready to assist you.

They can help you identify trouble spots in your operation. Correcting them could help make your shop safer and might save you thousands of dollars if you get a visit from OSHA or other regulatory agencies. The audit is free to CSA members.

In Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana or Mississippi, contact Victor Shell at (470) 514-6729 and in Oklahoma contact Michael Snider at (405) 210-9569.

5 Scientifically Proven Ways to be Happier at Work

By Nataly Kogan
Co-founder of Happier

Most people I meet assume that if anyone on the planet is happy at work, I am. Their assumption is easy to understand: I co-founded and run a company called Happier. I make a living by helping other people find more joy in their lives — which is one of the simplest ways to increase your own happiness. I must feel happy all the time!

But: I don’t. Being an entrepreneur is the absolute hardest thing I’ve done professionally. Every day is a psychological battle to not let the overwhelming stress, long hours, uncertainty and emotional rollercoaster of being part of a start-up beat me down.

Which means that to be happier at work, I’ve had to become intentional about it. Like working out or eating healthy, being happier is something you have to work on. It’s a skill that takes practice. The good news is that a growing body of research shows there are simple, concrete things you can do to help you learn how to be happy at work, and they don’t require huge changes.


New Year's Resolutions to End Boring Ineffective Meetings

By Jon Petz

Don't have many meetings at work? Jon Petz's tips can help you improve meetings in all sorts of venues, including volunteer work, home life and hobbies.

Why risk another year of spending weekends and late work days doing the work you should have been doing all day?  Sick of endless meetings getting in the way? Then it’s time for some resolutions to take back your life and productivity.

1) I resolve to refrain from creating time-wasting meetings that have no focus. For my agenda, I will communicate a clear objective and desired outcome for every meeting I host.

2) I resolve to set a default meeting length that’s less than one hour. (Who wrote the rule that meetings have to be 30 or 60 minutes, anyway?) People tend to (needlessly) fill the hour when they have it available. Instead, schedule 15-minute meetings so you get in, get to the point, and get out fast.


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