Hubert Lang Leaves Legacy of Success, Kindness

By Jim Moody, CAE
CSA President

Most of us approach the end of the year with a lot of excitement. It’s a time to celebrate, rest, have fun with family, and seek closure on lots of projects. For one member of the CSA family, that’s particularly true this year. Hubert Lang of Lang Building Supply in Brunswick, Ga., is retiring at the end of the year.

Hubert is well regarded by his peers. He’s been an active member of a roundtable for as long as anyone can remember, and every other dealer in that roundtable would tell you Hubert is as fine of a person as you could ever find. He’s humble, kind, generous and brilliant. When you think of the kind of person that makes our industry special, Hubert absolutely belongs in the discussion.

I got to know Hubert really well a few years ago. His sister-in-law was ill with cancer. She lived pretty close to the CSA office – a fairly long haul from Brunswick. Hubert caught a ride with me from a roundtable meeting to join his wife, Linda, for the weekend as they cared for their loved one. We had a long time to chat. It became clear to me that Hubert and Linda came up very often to help his brother-in-law care for his sick wife and young daughter. Hubert and Linda gave tirelessly – because that’s what you do for family.

Hubert LangHubert also gave of himself for many years as a trustee for our self-insured worker’s comp fund. For the past eight years or so, he’s been the vice chair. There is no compensation for being a trustee, and it requires a lot of work to gain the expertise needed to do the job. There were a couple of long stints in there (more than a year long each) where the trustees had no staff support and had to handle a lot of the administration themselves. But Hubert was happy to do it, giving back to the industry that was so important to him.

He’s been chair of CSA and served on the board for many years, managing us through some lean times. Hubert is a great volunteer leader, always ready to do what’s needed.

Perhaps the best picture of Hubert I can give you is the leadership he provided his business during the downturn. Brunswick is on the coast of Georgia. While it’s a town with some industry, it’s also a large second-home and tourism market. No one was building second homes or doing big vacations in the downturn, and you can imagine what that did to business in that community.

As revenue shrank, Lang Building Supply decided to hold on to employees much longer than business would dictate. Hubert went without income to keep others employed. He and his family sacrificed mightily to insulate others from the bad economic times. In the end, even that wasn’t enough to prevent cutbacks in staff, but I know Hubert shed tears over every single person he had to let go.

Hubert has worked hard, along with his brother John, to get the business back on sound footing. Now that it’s flourishing again, Hubert feels comfortable leaving it all in the hands of John and their GM Blase Grady.

I know Hubert’s story rings true with many of you. There are so many of our members who have similar stories. Our industry is full of exceptional people like Hubert, and I know you all join me in celebrating his career. He leaves a legacy that all of us long to leave. He was successful, and he did it the right way. He’s beloved by his community, his peers, and his team.

Thanks, Hubert, for your service to our industry. You made us all better. Best wishes for a happy and fulfilling retirement.