Oklahoma Governmental Affairs



CSA has an active legislative task force and lobbyist representing our Oklahoma members.

We have been successful in strengthening the lien laws and are constantly striving to protect them.  We introduced the Innocent Sellers Fairness Act, which was passed into law protecting our members from lawsuits such as mesothelioma.  Because of the efforts of the task force, the Oklahoma Tax Commission exempted lumberyards from the estimated monthly sales tax payments. Our members pay all of their sales tax based on the prior month.   The Department of Agriculture began bin tag audits on our members several years ago, which resulted in some large fines.  Previously, we were instrumental in reducing those fines and, beginning November 1, 2017, the Department of Agriculture will no longer do bin tag audits (price checks) at lumberyards.

We are also part of the Construction Industry Coalition in Oklahoma, made up of construction industry-related associations and member-based organizations. We work together to promote the highest standards of construction for the citizens of Oklahoma.