Foundation is an online learning management system (LMS) designed specifically for the building materials industry. On this platform, you will find an ever-growing catalog of courses you can take to improve your knowledge of different facets of the industry. You can also choose classes that can help you better develop your skills in certain areas. 


Introduction to Building Material Sales Series
Foundation Computer
Module 1:     Foundation to Finish
Module 2:    Lumber Basics
Module 3:    Deck Construction
Module 4:    Engineered Wood
Module 5:    Project Selling

Module 6:    Profit & Loss

Covers:  Product knowledge, lumber types/grades, lumber math, basics of building a deck, 
types of engineered wood/uses, how to sell a project complete, add-on and value selling,

mark-up vs. margin, understanding gross profit, and how to protect your profits

Onboarding Employees Series
Module 1:     The 4 C's of Onboarding

Module 2:    Stumbling Blocks

Module 3:    Timelines

Covers:  Hiring and onboarding process, compliance, setting the tone for new hires, pitfalls to avoid, suggested timelines for orienting new hires, and communication strategies for the hiring process

Estimating Training / Blueprint Take-Off

Basic Estimating 

Covers:  In this 8-module series, you'll cover reading a plan, how to use scales, key measurements, foundation & floor support, floor framing, wall framing basics, exterior trim & siding, roof framing & materials, insulation & drywall, and deck platforms & railing

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