Store Manager Roundtable

Roundtables are forums where participants are invited to learn from one another by sharing their successes, failures and curiosities an open and honest environment. When a Roundtable is guided by a proven industry specific facilitator and coach, an environment is created where enduring excellence is made manifest. The CSA Store Manager Roundtable is such a forum. Suitable for both experienced and developing Store Managers and Branch Managers within single location and multiple location LBM, Hardware and Home Center organizations, this innovative and potent program will engender excellence in both strategic and operational aspects of leadership in with all participants. During a two day meeting, you will discuss challenges, victories and creative possibilities related to Operations, Merchandising, Marketing, Team Development and many other aspects of the being the very best at what you do.

The facilitator for this program is Ken Wilbanks, whose career spans over 35 years in the LBM, Hardware, and Home Center organizations across the nation having served in virtually every aspect of our industry. Ken is an experienced who will keep the dialogue relevant and potent while also sharing his vast experiences and insights so that all participants may benefit from his knowledge.

We currently have two store manager roundtables and are looking to add another in the MS/LA territory.  The group is limited to 10 people from non-competing companies, and no one company can bring more than three people. There are two meetings per year at a location that offers the opportunity to walk through a store to discuss what is being done well and what could be done better. Joining this dynamic program means on-going interaction with your peers, benefiting from one another's wisdom and being supported by a talented coach for years to come.

Cost is $1,000/person/meeting plus food & beverage.

Note: If your company has interest in this opportunity but has more than three store managers, there may be an opportunity for a private roundtable or a second roundtable with a similar but non-competing company.